Welcome to "Fight for Gold"!

Your part....work out and raise funds!
Our part....send Hope Totes and fund childhood cancer research!
Together....fight childhood cancer!  

All you have to do is:

1) Create your own page.
2) Perform any athletic challenge you choose...a race, a training run, a bike ride, a swim, etc  (AKA "Fight for Gold").
3) Send and email to friends and family and watch your efforts make a difference.

The color of the childhood cancer is GOLD. The concept is easy..."get active" in the fight against childhood cancer.
"Fight for Gold" is any athletic challenge you choose to honor the children who are affected by cancer.   The challenge is your choice!  That's what's fun about it!  We honor those children and tell their story in hopes to motivate individuals to get involved in the fight against pediatric cancer.

Currently, less than 4% of the total government funding is provided for pediatric cancer. This sobering statistic contributes to the fact that pediatric cancer is the #1 disease killer of children under the age of 15; more than asthma, cystic fibrosis, diabetes and pediatric AIDS combined. Our mission is to fund treatments that are less toxic and more effective to treat children fighting cancer. While doing this, we support families diagnosed with childhood cancer with our Hope Tote program.

Because we want to assist in finding cures for pediatric cancer and support families along the way with our Hope Tote program, we ask that you join us to "Fight for Gold" and workout! That's it! Of course, if you are going to create a page, you should invite your friends and family to support your awesome efforts to get active and find a cure to this devastating disease.
Joining the Fight for Gold is easy and fun! And working out is good for you!

Learn more about Team G Childhood Cancer here: http://teamgfoundation.org/about-us/

Again, thanks for joining the Fight for Gold Challenge and thank you so much for believing we can BEAT childhood cancer....together!

Warmly and with gratitude,

Team G Childhood Cancer Foundation


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